Saturday, May 19, 2018 - 13:30 Terry Wynne 2nd Division 1stXI

Luddendenfoot CC 1stXI (home)


Bradley & Colnebridge CC 1ST X1

12 Points Awarded
1 Points Awarded

Luddendenfoot CC 1stXI beat Bradley & Colnebridge CC 1ST X1 by 9 wickets

Umpires - Howard Sandford , Club Umpire

No.Player46How OutFielderBowlerRuns
1Joel Cleary80Not Out46
2Lee Broadbent00BowledAndrew MITCHELL 0
3Hayden Bruce131Not Out74
4Jamie Hothersall00Did Not Bat0
5Charlie Holt-Conway00Did Not Bat0
6Isaac Baldwin00Did Not Bat0
7Tom Stott00Did Not Bat0
8Ryan Allen00Did Not Bat0
9James Stott00Did Not Bat0
10Joshua Baines00Did Not Bat0
11Connor Mc Gow00Did Not Bat0
ExtrasWides: 0  No Balls: 0  Byes: 5  Leg Byes: 6   Total Extras: 11
Total Runs131
Fall of WicketNumber of outgoing batsman

Bradley & Colnebridge CC 1ST X1 bowling

Andrew MITCHELL 50331
Yasir Arfat52120
Zafar IQBAL 25/03/1968 , 51280
Iqrar Hussain40200
Raymond MITCHELL 10180
Darren NORCLIFFE 1090

Bradley & Colnebridge CC 1ST X1

No.Player46How OutFielderBowlerRuns
1 Mark MITCHELL 20CaughtJamie HothersallConnor Mc Gow9
2Iqrar Hussain20CaughtRyan AllenConnor Mc Gow9
3 Zafar IQBAL 25/03/1968 , 60CaughtCharlie Holt-ConwayConnor Mc Gow26
4Marc DEBENHAM 00BowledTom Stott0
5 Carl Austin 10CaughtLee BroadbentTom Stott4
6Yasir Arfat10CaughtJames StottConnor Mc Gow5
7Andrew MITCHELL 20CaughtIsaac BaldwinConnor Mc Gow13
8Raymond MITCHELL 80CaughtConnor Mc GowRyan Allen34
9Darren NORCLIFFE 10BowledRyan Allen4
10George Stead20BowledIsaac Baldwin10
11David SENIOR 00Not Out0
ExtrasWides: 11  No Balls: 1  Byes: 1  Leg Byes: 1   Total Extras: 14
Total Runs128

Luddendenfoot CC 1stXI bowling

Tom Stott61362
Connor Mc Gow70505
Ryan Allen60352
Isaac Baldwin4.4251