Saturday, August 4, 2018 - 13:30 Premier Division 2ndXI

Bridgeholme CC 2ndXI (home)


Triangle CC 2ndXI

5 Points Awarded
10 Points Awarded

Triangle CC 2ndXI beat Bridgeholme CC 2ndXI by 81 runs

Umpires - Club Umpire , Club Umpire

No.Player46How OutFielderBowlerRuns
1Keith Hudson132CaughtGeorge PalinRoger Smith 72
2Mohammed Basharat00LBWMark Uttley0
3Bilal Mahmood00BowledMark Uttley1
4Sajjad Mahmood165CaughtRyan O'NeillMark Uttley107
5Zaheer Abbas125Not Out89
6Javid Iqbal10Not Out4
7Awais Khalid00Did Not Bat0
8Asad Shabix00Did Not Bat0
9Tahir Mahmood00Did Not Bat0
10Moinul Islam00Did Not Bat0
11Mustafa Hussain00Did Not Bat0
ExtrasWides: 13  No Balls: 0  Byes: 13  Leg Byes: 16   Total Extras: 42
Total Runs315
Fall of WicketNumber of outgoing batsman

Triangle CC 2ndXI bowling

Mark Uttley123533
Roger Smith 0112771
Richard Turner051240
George Palin080660
John Moore030280
Joe Janicwiez030200
Daniel Crosland030190

Triangle CC 2ndXI

No.Player46How OutFielderBowlerRuns
1Daniel Crosland86LBWSajjad Mahmood79
2Steven Wood 51CaughtBilal MahmoodTahir Mahmood31
3Anthony Sykes1113CaughtMohammed BasharatSajjad Mahmood149
4Joe Janicwiez40BowledAsad Shabix17
5Mark Uttley10CaughtSajjad MahmoodMoinul Islam4
6George Palin00BowledAsad Shabix0
7Ryan O'Neill64CaughtMustafa HussainTahir Mahmood62
8Roger Smith 11Not Out13
9Thomas Kenworthy00Did Not Bat0
10John Moore00Did Not Bat0
11Richard Turner00Did Not Bat0
ExtrasWides: 5  No Balls: 0  Byes: 11  Leg Byes: 25   Total Extras: 41
Total Runs396

Bridgeholme CC 2ndXI bowling

Sajjad Mahmood01711102
Tahir Mahmood091692
Asad Shabix0120832
Moinul Islam040361
Mustafa Hussain020290
Zaheer Abbas10320