Saturday, May 12, 2018 - 13:30 Premier Division 2ndXI

S.B.C.I. CC 2ndXI (home)


Upper Hopton 2ndXl

12 Points Awarded
0 Points Awarded

S.B.C.I. CC 2ndXI beat Upper Hopton 2ndXl by 242 runs

Umpires - Jonathan Hyland , John Mullan

No.Player46How OutFielderBowlerRuns
1Sam Hinchcliffe178CaughtCalean Hadwin*Dan Nichols141
2David Brown90CaughtCalean Hadwin*Dan Nichols75
3Tyson Illingworth86BowledHarsha Reddy75
4Jonathan C Hampshire00Not Out9
5Dylan Evans* 00Not Out1
6John Greenwood00Did Not Bat0
7Simon Hampshire00Did Not Bat0
8Robert Larkin00Did Not Bat0
9Rishav Tandon00Did Not Bat0
10Paul Collins00Did Not Bat0
11Andrew Boocock00Did Not Bat0
ExtrasWides: 5  No Balls: 6  Byes: 1  Leg Byes: 0   Total Extras: 12
Total Runs313
Fall of WicketNumber of outgoing batsman

Upper Hopton 2ndXl bowling

John Stanger 110730
Oliver Boyes70520
Harsha Reddy111631
Charlie Gallagher ** 70620
Dan Nichols50622

Upper Hopton 2ndXl

No.Player46How OutFielderBowlerRuns
1David Stones 00CaughtPaul CollinsTyson Illingworth3
2Harsha Reddy10CaughtJohn GreenwoodRobert Larkin4
3Richard Wood 10LBWTyson Illingworth5
4Charlie Gallagher ** 00CaughtJohn GreenwoodTyson Illingworth6
5Martin Daniel30Run Out23
6Joshua Moorhouse20BowledRishav Tandon17
7Dan Nichols00Not Out3
8Calean Hadwin*00Run Out2
9Oliver Boyes00BowledRishav Tandon0
10John Stanger 00Did Not Bat1
ExtrasWides: 2  No Balls: 1  Byes: 4  Leg Byes: 0   Total Extras: 7
Total Runs71

S.B.C.I. CC 2ndXI bowling

Robert Larkin91221
Tyson Illingworth114273
Rishav Tandon5.11123
Simon Hampshire3160