Saturday, June 24, 2017 - 13:30 Premier Division 2ndXI

Sowerby St. Peters CC 2ndXI (home)


Copley CC 2ndXI

12 Points Awarded
2 Points Awarded

Sowerby St. Peters CC 2ndXI beat Copley CC 2ndXI by 6 wickets

Umpires - Club Umpire , Club Umpire

No.Player46How OutFielderBowlerRuns
1Mohammed Younas30CaughtGavin Whipp Gavin Whipp 20
2Lee Barber20BowledSam Bizley 10
3Gareth Hall122CaughtLuke George SimpsonLuke George Simpson76
4MarkĀ  Bennett20CaughtLuke George SimpsonGavin Whipp 12
5Paul Bellinger00Not Out3
6Lyndon Baxter (Jnr)10Not Out4
7Patrick Lennon00Did Not Bat0
8Billy Watson 00Did Not Bat0
9Zia Ul-Karim00Did Not Bat0
10Jack Helliwell00Did Not Bat0
11Sultan Mahmood00Did Not Bat0
ExtrasWides: 6  No Balls: 0  Byes: 0  Leg Byes: 5   Total Extras: 11
Total Runs136
Fall of WicketNumber of outgoing batsman

Copley CC 2ndXI bowling

Craig Richard Chew20140
Luke George Simpson8.21341
Sam Bizley 61271
Gavin Whipp 81362
Nathan Bizley40250

Copley CC 2ndXI

No.Player46How OutFielderBowlerRuns
1Gavin Whipp 30BowledPatrick Lennon15
2Nathan Bizley50BowledBilly Watson 29
3Nikhil Bhuskute10CaughtMarkĀ  BennettSultan Mahmood5
4Nick Gomersal11CaughtMohammed Younas22
5Craig Richard Chew31Not Out40
6Luke Whittaker00BowledMohammed Younas0
7Jake Allingan00CaughtLyndon Baxter (Jnr)Paul Bellinger4
8Luke George Simpson01BowledPatrick Lennon16
9Thomas Hammond00CaughtLee BarberPatrick Lennon0
10Jarred Moore00CaughtZia Ul-KarimMohammed Younas0
11Sam Bizley 00BowledPatrick Lennon0
ExtrasWides: 1  No Balls: 0  Byes: 2  Leg Byes: 1   Total Extras: 4
Total Runs135

Sowerby St. Peters CC 2ndXI bowling

Sultan Mahmood102271
Patrick Lennon91234
Billy Watson 73231
Mohammed Younas144383
Paul Bellinger40161