Saturday Extra 1st XI's 16th June

Premier Division: *Booth 203-6 [reduced from 277] (Senior 75, Hemblys 4-52), Shelf Northowram HT 147 (Cole 62): pts 12-3. *Bridgeholme 50 (Conway 5-20), Mytholmroyd 51-0: pts 0-12. *Copley 249 [reduced from 261] (Thorpe 76, Whipp 68, Blagborough 48, Hoyle 4-78, Schofield 4-98), Sowerby St Peter's 207 (Potts 47, Green 44, Watkins 44, Hartley 4-60): pts 12-6. Southowram 56 [reduced from 86] (Dyson 7-29), *Oxenhope 62-1: pts 0-12. Triangle 242-5, *Thornton 244-5: pts 4-10. SBCI 189-7 (Hinchcliffe 63, Keywood 4-97), *Warley 186-7 (J Whitworth 51, O Benson 4-64): pts 11-5.

Saturday Extra Ist XI's 9th June

Premier Division: *Mytholmroyd 66 (Ric Laycock 6-28, Saghir 4-32), Booth 72-3: pts 0-12. Thornton 217 (Burkill 57, Saghir 5-89), *Shelf Northowram HT 169 (Malik 42, Blencowe 4-17): pts 12-5. Warley 304-4 (Atkinson 78, Keywood 69, Whitworth 56*, Marsh 56), *Southowram 167 (Crossley 52, Hall 43, Keywood 6-40): pts 12-3. *SBCI 217-6 (Firth 50, Hinchcliife 48, Dalby 44), Bridgeholme 217-9 (Ali 57): pts 6-7. *Sowerby St Peter's 227 (Green 79, Watkins 60, Dyson 4-49), Oxenhope 233-9 (Ousey 102, D Tetley 47, Schofield 6-64): pts 5-12.

Saturday Extra 1st XI's 2nd June

Premier Division: Thornton 209-9 (Parr 59*, Hutchinson 47, Ric Laycock 5-76), Booth 210-6 (Thomas 55*, Senior 48, Weatherhead 4-41): pts 4-11. Southowram 340-9 (Hall 162, Griffiths 40, S Mahmood 4-80), *Bridgeholme 54 (Iqbal 46*, Gledhill 8-7): pts 12-2. *Copley 262-7 (Blagborough 83, Thorpe 69, A Rowles 44, Rashid 4-101), Shelf Northowram HT 185 (Reynolds 41, Thorpe 6-36): pts 12-5.

Saturday Extra 1st XI's 26th May

Premier Division: *Shelf Northowram HT 136 (Dyson 5-76), Oxenhope 136-5 (Hopkinson 57*): pts 2-12. *Southowram 201 (J Earle 6-81), Mytholmroyd 204-6 (T Earle 102*, Gawthrope 46): pts 3-12. *SBCI 85 (Ric Laycock 8-57), Booth 86-4 (Rob Laycock 48*): pts 1-12. Bridgeholme 190-9 (Hudson 87*, Brown 4-62), *Sowerby St Peter’s 193-9 (Hayes 50, T Mahmood 4-65): pts 5-11. Copley 209 (A Rowles 74, Blagborough 63, Weatherhead 4-55), *Thornton 201-6 (Birkill 79*): pts 4-12.

Saturday Extra 1st XI's 19th May

Bridgeholme’s problems in the Premier Division continued at the hands of third placed Triangle, the latter cruising to a six-wixket victory on its visit to Eastwood. The home team would have been in much deeper trouble had it not been for a face-saving innings of 93 not out from No 5 batsman Yasir Mahmood, but his much deserved century failed to materialise as he lost teammates who succumbed to the three Triangle bowlers, all taking three wickets apiece. The visitors lost four wickets in overtaking the target as Chris Metcalf top-scored with 54 not out.

Saturday Extra 1st XI's 12th May

The undoubted shock of the day came in the Premier Division at Thornton, not so much the result but the manner of victory for the home team, in its top-of-table clash against Warley. Batting first the Hill Top Road team posted a middle-of-the–road 210 all out with Greg Soames top-scoring with 50 runs, Cameron van Rensberg again in the wickets with 6-84. However the latter performance was put totally in the shade as Joshua Hutchinson annihilated the Warley batting with figures of 12.4-4-31-8.

Saturday Extra 1st XI's 5th May

There was a strange encounter in the Premier Division at Booth where visitors Oxenhope, batting first, were skittled for only 66 runs in 24.2 overs. However the home side did not have it all its own way as five batsmen were back in the tent for a meagre combined total of 15 runs and at one stage a major upset was possible. However Hasnain Wajid called a halt to the nonsense and hit 49 not out to ensure the champions collected maximum points. Out of the fifteen batsmen to lose their wicket thirteen failed to reach double figures!

Saturday Exta 2nd X1's 28th April

The Second XI programme suffered much worse than that of the First’s with just five matches completed with one cancelled due to a shortage of players and eight unable to start due to unfit grounds.

Saturday Extra 2nd XI's Saturday 21st April

Just two matches, out of fourteen, failed to start in the scheduled fixtures with the grounds at Copley (v Mytholmroyd)) and Mount (v Queensbury) failing to recover from the heavy rain earlier in the month, despite the improved weather over the previous week.

Post Match Process & New Contact Reminder

Just a quick reminder to all clubs that all Saturday match results sheets (both sides its now a two sided document) need to be sent to our new Results Secretary Andrew Rawnsley NOT Peter Taylor who has now retired from this role. Results need to be posted on the website by 10pm and match scorecard for 1st teams must be fully completd by 10am Sunday to avoid a fine.