The Spenser Halifax Cricket League Executive would like to thank all clubs and umpires  for being so flexible in making sure that cricket games could still take place on Saturday despite clashing with England's world cup quarter final with Sweden, the vast majority of games completed as planned. We know there has been lots of discussions between clubs, officials, captains, players and umpires to make sure cricket matches could still take place not to mention the flexibility of groundstaff, scorers, catering staff and barstaff. In the end a great result not only for our national football team (well done for a fantastic performance lads) but also cricket and our league, lets hope we can win the semi on Wednesday and look forward to a world cup final next Sunday. If England are fortunate enough to make the final then the executive have already announced at the League Council meeting earlier this week that all Sunday League matches will move to a 10am start. Thanks to everyone once again Cricket and Football is coming home!