Sunday, July 8, 2018

Premier Division: *Booth 231-9 (Saghir 57*, Ric Laycock 40), Warley 234-9 (van Rensberg (59*, Horsfall 5-48), Amjid Azam (50*): pts 5-11.*Copley 247-9 (Thorpe 134, Whipp 40, Gawthorpe 7-109), Mytholmroyd 89 (Hartley 4-28, Thorpe 4-45): pts 12-2. Bridgeholme 174-8 (Basharat 43), *Oxenhope 177-3 (Hopkinson 58*, Ousey 50*0: pts 2-11. Southowram 187 (Pummel 59, Rashid 6-46), *Shelf Northowram HT 190-7 (Conroy 47, Luke 43): pts 5-12. SBCI 240 (Wood 101, Birkhill 5-29), *Thornton 244-3 (Soames 80, N Hutchinson 55*, J Hutchinson 48*) pts 3-12. *Triangle 454-6 (Silkstone 165, Metcalf 135), Sowerby St Peter's 279-8 (B Hoyle 67, Hayes 63, Helliwell 55): pts 11-4. First Division: Clayton 327-5 (Wilson 74, Roe 59*, Artist 45, Brown 45), *Blackley 321-6 (Walsh 89, Turner 62, T Baxter 41): pts: 10-4. *Bradshaw 282-8 (Beck 119, Collins 40), Queensbury 178 (Challis 56, Dougall 41, Buckley 6-42): pts 12-4. Great Horton PC 177 (Batley 46, Dixon 4-57), *Sowerby Bridge 183-4 (Mattock 51, Taylor 46): pts 3-12. *Stones 154-6 (Robertshaw 4-36), Illingworth St Mary's 158-2): pts 2-10. Second Division: *Leymoor 190 (Walkden 61, Broadbent 4-40), Upper Hopton 197-9 (Stephenson 62, Coulson 7-86): pts 5-12. *Greetland 174-8 (Reynolds 43, Zaman 4-49), Low Moor HT 129 (Moody 7-55): pts 12-3. Outlane 283 (Davies 75, Mellor 70, Rahman 55, Bairstow 5-43, Pinder 4-39), *Luddendenfoot 284-5 (Holt-Conway 151, Whittingham 40): pts 4-12. Mount 235 (Ravat 45, Rashid 6-68), Bradley & Colnebridge 207-8 (RS Khan 73, Shz Khan 52): pts 11-6. *Old Town w/o v Cullingworth: pts 12-0.

DIVISIONAL REPORTS There was a unbelievable finish at Booth in its Premier Division clash with Warley where the visitors completed an against-the-odds season three-timer, by repeating its first match of the season win combined with its Parish cup success. An indication of Booth’s problems this time around was that No 9 batsman, Usman Saghir (57 not out) was its top-scorer, rescuing an innings that at one stage stood at 129-7. What followed was even more amazing as Warley slumped to 139-9 only for South African Cameron van Rensberg (59 not out) and Amjid Azam (50 not out) to send both Booth’s players and followers into despair with an unbroken winning last wicket stand of 95 runs and with seven balls to spare. As previously suggested do not mention ‘Warley’ anywhere near Broad Fold Park until at least next year! Thornton took full advantage of the Booth slip-up with a home win against SBCI to go eleven points clear of its rival at the top, Warley a further nine points behind, The visitors batted first and opener Thomas Wood was the mainstay of the innings hitting, 101 of the first 165 runs and his teammates combined to set a target of 241, Ben Birkill, not usually employed as a bowler, taking 5-29. The latter with 39 runs was in a foursome of the hosts batsmen who ensured victory with five overs to spare, Greg Soames (80) top-scoring followed by the Hutchinson’s, Nikki (55 not out) and Joshua (48 not out) combining with an unbroken 69-run partnership, SBCI dropping into the bottom two with Bridgeholme. Goodness knows what the Triangle bookmaker was quoting on his team’s eventual 40-overs total as the scoreboard read 51-4, against visiting Sowerby St Peter’s. 1,000-1 would have been appropriate as the answer came – 454-6!! Even at a pocket-sized ground a partnership of 281 runs is some going as Christian Silkstone (165) and Chris Metcalf (135) caused mayhem amongst the Sowerby bowlers as mid-innings some fifteen combined overs, from a (sympathetically) unnamed quartet, cost 210 runs! Credit to Sowerby who did not go under and responded in the batting stakes with half-centuries from Ben Hoyle (67), Gavin Hayes (63) and Jack Helliwell (55), thus preventing a maximum haul for the winners. Copley extricated itself from the bottom two with a resounding home victory over Mytholmroyd with Oliver Thorpe (134) in fine form, hitting over half of a 247-9 total in which Gavin Whipp hit 40. Adrian Gawthorpe’s sterling effort of 23-2-109-7 was hardly matched, to say the least, by the Mythomroyd batsmen as they fell apart to 89 all out, Thorpe in the action again with 4-45 as Ian Hartley also helped himself to 4-28. Oxenhope were victors in a home match against struggling Bridgeholme, the latter batting first but producing a strange display as nearly every other batsman scored runs, the opposite being the case with the remainder. Only Mohammed Basharat (43) topped 40 runs as the innings closed on 174-8. Not enough was the outcome as an unbroken fourth-wicket partnership between Lewis Hopkinson (58 not out) and Joseph Ousey (50 not out) saw the Keighley team home. Shelf Northowram HT accounted for Southowram at Hedge Top Lane, winning by three wickets chasing a moderate target of 188 runs. Dan Pummel (59) was Southowram’s top score as Amir Rshid took 6-46 and the home team had Chris Conroy (47) and Luke Cole (43) to thank for the majority of the winning runs required.

In the First Division Blackley’s Calendar star and stalwart, Steve Williams, must have been just as shocked as his players when his TV forecast of an excellent match proved very true - only for visitor’s Clayton to enjoy the promised pre-England quarter-final drinks rather better, with a superb win in an 80 overs 648-run encounter. Batting first Clayton rattled up a very challenging 327-5, with its top seven all contributing, as Sam Wilson (74) and Matthew Roe (59 not out) provided what turned out to be the vital runs. The Lindley Roaders made a tremendous effort in chasing, as another seven batsmen made significant scores, led by Dominic Walsh (89) and Adam Turner (62) but Clayton had the first celebratory drink as it won by six runs. Bradshaw accounted for visitors Queensbury with some ease, posting 282-8, batting first, as Steve Beck (119) hit an excellent century supported by Simon Collins (40). Queensbury were never up with the rate and despite an Oliver Challis effort of 56 runs it fell 104 runs short. Sowerby Bridge kept its Premier hopes alive with an important six-wicket home win against promotion rivals Great Horton PC, as Lewis Mattock (51) top-scored and Jake Dixon chipped in with 4-57. It appears to be iin a three-team race for second spot with Clayton and Horton, just four points separating them as Illingworth St Mary’s has a 14-point cushion. St Mary’s had a comfortable eight-wicket win at Stones, as Ben Robertshaw’s 4-36 was followed by Daniel Murfet (62 not out) and James Lawton (49 not out), although some stubborn resistance by the home team denied it a maximum.

Mount continue to lead the Second Division and added eleven points to its total with a victory over Bradley & Colnebridge at Batley. To say it was a team effort is an understatement as no less than ten of its batsmen reached double figures, Imram Ravat’s 45 the top score in a 235 all out total. B & C was always behind the clock in its run chase and, unlike Mount, the visitors were far too reliant on the batting of just two players in Raja S Khan (73) and Shahraiz Khan (52) and it was 28 runs short at the close. Greetland, and Damien Reynolds (43) in particular, enjoyed a 45-run win over Low Moor HT at West vale. Reynolds has been bolstering the Greetland batting all season and when James Moody (7-55) got to work the 12 points were part earnings for his previous efforts. Second-placed Luddendenfoot continue to chase Mount, albeit nine points adrift, but another excellent win, this one at home to Outlane, will keep the Batley outfit looking over its shoulder. Charlie Holt-Conway was the star of the High Lea Green show with a battering of the Outlane bowlers, to the tune of 151 runs, as he and his team responded to a target of 284. In the first innings the visitor’s top three, Adam Davies (75), Lee Mellor (70) and Zeeshan Rahman (55) had all batted well only to be eclipsed by Holt-Conway and Owen Bairstow’s 5-43. There was a very close finish at Leymoor, as Upper Hopton visited, with a last-ball win for the Mirfield team despite a bowling effort from Mark Coulson (7-86) that included a triple-wicket maiden. Previously Richard Walkden had scored 61 for the home team, with Matt Broadbent taking 4-40, before the climax came when Keyur Mistry and Broadbent combined in a successful 32-run last wicket partnership to bring a smile to the face of Jack Stephenson, after his important effort of 62 runs. Old Town remain in third place as a World Cup curse prevented Cullingworth raising a team, thus gifting 12 points to the Hebden Bridge outfit.