Saturday, November 18, 2017

PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK HERE to support your fellow Halifax League Club:

Low Moor Holy Trinity C.C are working with Steve Archer, Alex Murphy and others from the YCB to promote cricketing opportunities for young people in the Schools around Bradford South for 2018 through the provision of new cricket nets.

Please find a message below explaining how you can help Low Moor from their secretary Martin Jenkins.

Dear Junior League Representatives Some of you may be aware that Low Moor Holy Trinity Cricket Club is currently experiencing a positive period of growth in junior cricket. We have doubled our number of ECB qualified coaches in the last 2 years and we look set to do the same again, to cope with the volume of young boys and girls wishing to play cricket at our Club. Our biggest hurdle however, is our facilities. Those that have visited our ground will know that we suffer from excessive water retention on the field - being that the pitch is built on an old landfill site and is clay-capped). This resulted in many postponements of junior games and practice sessions last year.

Our 5 Year Development Plan highlights our main priority as being ‘the installation of an all-weather practice facility in the corner of the field’. We have raised over £10,000 ourselves and have entered the Aviva Community Fund competition for the final amount (£9,500). This email is to ask for your help! We are so close to winning our category, with over 4,200 votes already registered. We are currently second and only the top spot goes forward to the final. I estimate that we need another 500 votes to be sure of top spot.

Each person gets 10 free votes so that's actually an achievable target just from this mailing list! If you would be willing, may I ask you to please support our project? It's a very simple process. You have to click onto the Aviva site and REGISTER (link below). Once you have registered your email address, you will be sent a link for you to place your vote. Please note that there is a slider bar to use your 10 votes. Of course, you can vote for whichever project you like, but we hope you will use your 10 votes to help our project. The closing date is this week, so we are rallying around our cricketing friends to ask for help.