The Halifax Cricket League Executive are keen to have more player input into how the league should be run now and in the future and capture feedback from current club players. The league executive is fairly young compared to some other leagues however there are only a few current executive members still playing cricket and its important that we listen to feedback from current players. This is so that we can ensure when making decisions that they have been well thought through and take into account the views of players of all ages.

We are therefore looking for a current player to represent the views of our players and give you a point of contact and a voice at the highest level on the league executive. Ideally the job would be appealing to at least one person to take on this new and exciting role but equally if there is sufficient interest in this idea we would consider two positions one for somebody under 30 to represent the views of younger players (the millenials) and the other over 30 to represent the views of the more senior players ( the baby boomers) so we can capture ideas and try to understand a little better the needs and requirements of our players across all ages and all clubs.

If you are interested to find out more then please in the first instance drop an e-mail to league chairman The idea of this new position is that players would come to you with their ideas and feedback and would hopefully feel more comfortable sharing these with a current player without the need of contacting a senior league official. This would give players a voice and allow two way feedback between the executive and players which we strongly believe would be a positive move for our league. The role would involve around 4-5 full executive meetings a year and 3-4 sub group meetings per year but this is a great opportunity for a forward looking individual with a passion for cricket to help shape the direction of the game in this area and your league.